Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Update

Watching now:
The Fringe. Hadn't heard anything about it until someone in my sci fi book club (mock if you must! you know you're really jealous) mentioned. Thanks to, we caught it last night. Pretty darn good, in the tradition of X Files and Lost. And..

Almost done with disc two; sadly enough it turns out, that's all there is. I do have a genius for falling in love with shows that have long-since been canceled (see also Firefly, Veronica Mars, Buffy).


Yeah, I'm definitely in a science fiction theme right now. This book is a fabulous read.


Spent a fabulous three nights at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego last weekend, courtesy of Debi, who was there for a manager's convention for Trader Joe's.

Missing even more:
Free hotel stay + frequent flier ticket = extra money to use on a spontaneous trip to Disneyland with her that Friday. The trip was fabulous; no children, no crowds, and lots of pants-wetting fun. Is it creepy that I woke her up at 6:00 am standing over her side of the bed in the dark hotel room whispering "disneyland disneyland disneyland"?


Fabulous. In a close race with the Toasted Sesame Brittle flavor. Must try again to try and decide.

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Linden said...

If you want a FABULOUS peach jam, add about a quarter cup of amaretto to it when boiling.