Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What was I thinking?

I had this vague hope that blogging about food would be an incentive for me to eat better-you know, it'd be kind of like keeping that food diary nutrition folks always tell us to keep. So yeah, that lasted almost three days, until I was starving rushing home from work today, and pulled into McDonald's and got the $1 bacon cheeseburger, and a chocolate shake. Ugh. And we really don't eat fast food that often.

In the spirit of trying to learn from this, some obvious reminders to myself:
*Take good food to work. (I had done this today, had great leftovers, but ran out of time to heat them up and couldn't eat them on the way home, because eating a ziploc bag of soup in the car is even worse than my horrible habit of talking on the cel phone while driving). Therefore:
*Remember to eat the good food that I make, so I don't waste money/calories/time/karmic debt on fast food.
*Eat before I get starving, so I don't make stupid choices.

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